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TurtleMob Releases Free GPS Pedometer and Calories Counter for Android Mobile Phones.
Mobile development firm TurtleMob, has released "TurMeter", a new GPS Pedometer and Calorie Counter in the form of software application targeted at mobile phones with Google Android operating system.
Based on the latest GPS Mobile technology, this free application enables users to watch their geo-position, altitude, map, current address and also measure the distance walked,  walking speed, walking time and calories burned directly via their smartphones.
All location maps are downloaded via the mobile network from Google Maps, giving the user the satellite view of the current position. 

An intuitive user interface enables easy navigation: storage of history of walks and seeing the graphs of instant speed.
"Turmeter" is targeted at people interested in walking and measuring their performance as well as in comparing progresses of calioies burned in time.
The application is downloadable for free from the Androd Market, and also from the company web-site:

www.turtlemob.com/turmeter Contacts: support@turtlemob.com


Fun Walking Speed and GPS Calories Counter

Android Fitness Application

Just walk around and the Turmeter

Turtle will find your location and address,

while measuring your speed.


TurMeter Turtle will find out

the distance you have walked and

the Calories you have burned

Android Pedometer


Press menu and find out all the options

you can keep an history of all the

walks you have done and the Calories

you have burned

GPS Application

Android Preferences


Download Free Android Application: TurMeter

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directly on your mobile now!

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Support E-mail: turmeter@gmail.com

GPS Calorie Counter

Listen to MP3 for Free

while TurMeter is working for you



will show you a Graph with the

speed you are walkingWalking Speed Counter


With Preferences you can set your weight and the units you would like to use

Android Preferences
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